Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we going?

The images and video on this site should give you a clue ;)

How long will we be there?

My original plan was to make this a 48 hour adventure, but that plan is flexible! We could also do a long day or a proper weekend excursion, whatever works best for you.

When will we go?

Whenever you want! This trip is designed to fit around your schedule. It could be during the week or on a weekend; sooner or later. I was thinking spring break could be a good time to go, but it's up to you!

What lodging accommodations will be available?

A loving family will welcome us into their home with open arms. You will have your own room and your own bathroom.

What does this have to do with Valentine's Day?

Absolutely nothing. This over-commercialized holiday just gave me a deadline to set my idea into motion.

Anything else to note?

Just that I think you're the most wonderful human on the planet :)