The Right Ingredients (Writer, Director, Editor)

In a culture filled with laziness and cheap fixes, chef Judson Goujon aims to show the world that hard work still pays off.

Official Selection - 2018 Seattle International Film Festival

Best Comedy - 2018 Shoreline Short Short Film Festival

Maltby - “Crows and Doves” (Director, Editor)

Maltby performs their original song "Crows and Doves" live in Seattle, WA. This song was filmed and recorded entirely in one take.

Subsplash Client Spotlight (Producer, Director, Editor)

Phil McCallum and Jeffrey LeBlanc share about transitioning their church’s media library from Vimeo to the Subsplash Platform. The purpose of this video was to highlight specific benefits of using the Subsplash Platform relating to media delivery, such as uniformity across mobile and web, offline listening, and ease of use for systems administrators.

Subsplash Client Spotlight (Producer, Director, Editor)

Diane Dawson and Jameson Runnels share the ways Subsplash’s donation software has impacted their church in Nashville, TN. The purpose of this video was to show that Subsplash’s donation software is easy to use and effective for both donors and bookkeepers.

The Sing Team Live - To God All Praise and Glory (Director/DP, Editor)

The Sing Team debuts a new song in front of a sold out crowd at Columbia City Theater.

Zero (Director/DP, Editor)

Dave Gibbons, a pastor and leadership coach in Orange County, CA, shares that churches should seek the welfare of their cities over simply increasing their attendance numbers. Produced for Subsplash, a faith-based software company in Seattle, WA

The Death of Valentine’s Day (Writer, Director, Editor)

My fianncee (rightfully) hates Valentine’s Day and all the cliches that come with it. So for our first Valentine’s Day together, I thought it would be fun to create a story about the “original” gifts I bought for her.

Bottled Up (Writer, Director, Editor)

Boats. Water. Girls. It's anybody's prime Saturday checklist, but these guys are in search of a deeper, more sustainable joy. Will they find what they're looking for aboard the U.S.S. Lumberjack?


Life Is A Dream (Writer, Director, Editor)

Sometimes life's greatest treasures appear when we need them most. Or do they? A continuation of the short film "Bottled Up".


The Sing Team Live - Oh! Great Is Our God! (Director/DP, Editor)

Live capture from The Sing Team’s show at Columbia City Theater.